About Us

Our Aspiration

We Prepare our children to be

  • A –  Active learners
  • C –  Confident Communicators
  • O –  Open-Minded Individuals
  • R –  Responsible Citizens
  • N –  Noble Humans

Our Culture Statement

SSWS has become Safety Centered, Vision Directed, Values Driven, Student Focused, Analysis Based, Learning Enabled, Team Facilitated, Process Managed, Quality Managed And Result Oriented.

At SSWS our culture is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. We have a nurturing environment that recognizes children and treats them as individuals; where students are encouraged to be leaders and where school leaders are encouraged to be visionaries. Our schools strive to create a respectful, diverse, creative, exciting, and reflective culture.

For staff members, teamwork is a defining aspect of the culture. The management creates regular opportunities for professional development and life-long learning for their staff. Staff members also reflect regularly and share ideas through verbal and written communication.