About Us

Our Work Culture

  • As Better Teachers equal Better Schools, we believe in meeting the professional expectations of our employees as well as giving them a career path that helps meet their aspirations.
  • We provide a world of opportunities for growth to our employees and recognize the importance of continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities. We are committed to evolving our approach and methodologies to meet global standards of education.

At SSWS We Value:


What’s it like working with us:

  • At SSWS we believe, that when employees are empowered, they’re more likely to take an active role in their own development. That’s why we provide employees with opportunities to lead initiatives.
  • Being a part of the SSWS team means working in collaboration and as a team. We as a team are a bunch of Innovative and Creative team members!
  • Our employees receive extensive training in both managerial and teaching skills.
  • This helps ensure that all our employees get the ongoing feedback they need to make the most of their talents. We want our employees to succeed!

Workplace Wellness:

A balanced approach towards life!
An employee's physical and mental health are essential to the success of a school system.

Thus at SSWS …

  • We implement programme and practices that help reduce stress and boost morale, productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Create policies and an environment that supports healthy behaviour.

Some examples of health promotion programmes for our school staff include:

  • Health screenings,
  • Physical activity and fitness programmes, nutrition education, weight management and stress management.