Academic Program

Kindergarten Program:-

We believe that each child is unique and develops at his / her own pace in a caring environment where they are given the freedom to express themselves and where the learning experiences interest them.

  • The core ideals of learning through innovation, pursuing excellence and growing by learning are beautifully woven into our every academic and co-curricular activity at our kindergarten.
  • We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents who desire a holistic experience in the formative years of their child’s life, as parents also play an important part in a child’s fundamental years.
  • At SSWS, we encourage all parents to take an active role in their child’s education and school life.

High School Programme:-

  • Our High School learning environments are purposefully designed to support the holistic development of each and every child: socially, emotionally and academically.
  • All children are naturally curious, and we are committed not only to keeping this curiosity alive, but in cultivating it into a passion for learning.
  • Our study programmes are underpinned by an enlightened curriculum that emphasizes international perspectives and a global outlook.
  • The curriculum encompasses core subjects i.e. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Languages in addition to subjects like Computer Science, Art and Design, Music (Western and Indian), Dance, Drama and Physical education. Specialist teachers provide instruction and guidance in the latter group.
  • The quality of our teachers has an important influence on your child’s performance. We only take on the cream of teaching faculty.
  • They possess proven international school experience and are passionate about providing outstanding learning opportunities, so your child has access to the best resources in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.